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Maze's End **Golos, Tireless Pilgrim Primer**

Commander / EDH Five Color Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick



The Deck

This is my Maze's End lands-matter deck helmed by Golos, Tireless Pilgrim , a tribute to my love for lands and its related mechanics. Because of Golos land tutor etb ability, every flicker spell or ability essentially tutors for any land I need at instant speed. This means that Ghostly Flicker is the key card that can unlock Golos full potential as a lands-matter commander. Ghostly Flicker is great in this deck because it can not only flicker creatures, but also lands which is highly relevant in this deck.

Deck History

I started off playing angry Omnath which introduced me to the world of landfall mechanics and moved on to a four color landfall deck as I experimented with other colors. Dominaria and then return to ravnica introduced a slew of lands and gates matter cards which pushed me over to transition into a five color Maze's End deck. At that time, there isn't any specific 5 color lands-matter commander so I have Child of Alara as the commander. With core 2020, this deck and its vision is finally realized with Golos, Tireless Pilgrim .


As you may have noticed, I am running an abnormally high amount of basics for a 5 color deck. This is because Golos is colorless and I will be able to fix my colors with any lands I tutor for after casting him. The key is to get to five mana asap early game to get the ball rolling. The first land I tutor for is dependent on the table. If it is heavy in black or green, I will usually tutor for Volrath's Stronghold due to a high likelihood of removals. Tutoring for Cascading Cataracts can enable me to activate his ability. I will usually activate his ability before I play a land and if I have an Exploration effect in play in order to play multiple lands off his exile zone and not leave them in limbo.

I run a plethora of mana rocks to quickly ramp into Golos. The mana rocks also facilitate in allowing me to activate Golos's ability earlier. Since his activated ability doesn't work well with permissions, I run a more permanent-based counterspell like Glen Elendra Archmage which is pretty much a reusable with any instant flicker effect. Burgeoning works really well with Maze's End especially with Seedborn Muse in play.


Win Conditions


Notable Exclusions

  • Astral Drift : Requires too much of a build around and running a bunch of cycling lands (which comes into play tapped) to be effective. This means that running a maze's end strategy would be inefficient as it forces me to run essentially tapped lands all around.
  • Circuitous Route : I'm on the fence for this card. The pros is that it searches for 2 gates and can be cast on curve easily. The cons is that Golos already does so much by himself with all the flicker effects and I'm not sure if this is even needed.
  • Splendid Reclamation / World Shaper : I realized that it's often a dead card and very situational with how the deck plays out since I'm not very aggressive in dumping my library into my graveyard.
  • Growth Spiral / Explore : Mixed results from testing and I either love or hate it.
  • Nissa, Vital Force : Unfortunately she competes with too many 5 cmc cards and have to take the cut. There are other more efficient spells I can play in her spot.
  • Knight of the Reliquary : I'm generally not a fan of creatures that have a strict requirement (forests/plains) and can't activate abilities the turn they come into play.
  • Reap and Sow / Pir's Whim / Hour of Promise / Sylvan Scrying / Expedition Map : With a land tutor in the commandzone, these cards are not needed anymore. I used to run them in Child of Alara . Any clone or flicker effect essentially does the same thing more efficiently.
  • Zuran Orb : Limited uses in my deck and more useful for landfall strategies.
  • Riftsweeper : This is on my radar and synergies pretty well with Golos' ability if he exiles an important gate or spell. The only thing is that he does absolutely nothing by himself and is highly situational.
  • Roil Elemental : This is on my radar but I would have to find space to test it out.
  • Congregation at Dawn : Useful for combo decks or deck with fatties but mediocre in my build.
  • Conjurer's Closet : It's a great card for etb effects but at 5 cmc it does compete with my commander for casting on curve.

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Updates Add

I officially welcome the new helm of this maze's end deck with core 2020. The dream of a lands-matter commander is finally realized with the introduction of Golos, Tireless Pilgrim . Another new land was also spoiled that would be perfect for the deck Field of the Dead / Lotus Field / Omnath, Locus of the Roil . I will be updating the primer and revamping my deck to synergize better with this new commander in a couple of weeks:


Notable cards to test are blink/flicker to get multiple lands like Ghostly Flicker / Deadeye Navigator / Conjurer's Closet . With Eternal Witness , Ghostly Flicker turns into a 3 cmc ramp spell with Golos. Including Peregrine Drake or some sort of infinite combo can also work well with Golos' ability. The sky's the limit with Golos and I'm excited to start brewing again.

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