Hey everyone! This is my new Spirits tribal deck. Since I started playing mtg in Tarkir I always feel like there are so many cool cards (both artwise and ability wise) that I missed out on from being a newer player. But after buying the set of big Star Dragon Spirits from Kamigawa (Jugan, Kokusho, Yosei, Keiga, and Ryusei), I realized how much I wanted to see the other spirit cards in mtg. So O-Kagachi was a blessing and I got to work to bring this creature heavy Spirit tribal deck into being. I'm looking to make it into my next actual physical deck, after I finish getting everything for my superfriends and Jeskai edh decks, so any advice is really appreciated!

The basic form of the deck is to play some small spirits like Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit or Loam Dweller in the early game. Some ramp is also good. Then mid-late game drop some big Spirits and go to town. Cards like Cloudhoof Kirin are good for wrecking just on cast, and with Maelstrom Nexus , you can easily mill 10+ cards a turn. Or you can just swing with big spirits like Ayumi, the Last Visitor


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