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If You Want Peace, Prepare for War

Commander / EDH Aggro RW (Boros) Tokens



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All Hail the Combat God!

What gives? Where's Aurelia, the Warleader? Well allow me to answer that question.

She's been demoted to a creature in the deck. Her spot has been taken by Iroas, God of Victory.

I felt that the deck was leaning towards a more voltron strategy than army, and this caused the deck to fall into this slump of trying to suit up Aurelia rather than attack with an army. Basically, I've returned the deck to what I originally intended it to be with a new Commander at the helm that supports that strategy.

Also, the only thing better than a Goblin War Drums, is a Goblin War Drums with a Dolmen Gate stuck to it. And put that in the Command Zone and at 4 mana indestructible and a 7/4 and I'm sold.

Notable Exclusions

Akroma's Memorial. My 1/1s remain 1/1s. No amount of keywords will change that.

Haste Enablers beyond Hammer of Purphoros and Ogre Battledriver After I get one haste outlet out, every other one becomes a dead draw.


None yet.


Updates Add

Goblins are invading the deck. Ready to kill everyone and die trying.

Mother of Runes >> Legion Loyalist : Mom's been god to me when the deck liked Aurelia attacking alone. But now with an army of tokens, her ability is suddenly not so good. Legion Loyalist is another way of giving trample to the army and is also a Goblin.

Darksteel Plate >> Goblin Assault : Gobbos! Bitterblossom for Goblins. Not complaining. Especially since forcing them to attack each turn is a nonissue with Iroas around.

Odric, Master Tactician >> Krenko, Mob Boss : A Goblin that doubles the amount of Goblins I have. Neat card. Mirror Entity makes him insane.

Frontline Medic >> Siege-Gang Commander : Captain of the Watch for Goblins. 2 power makes Reveillark smile, and can throw goblins around at things.

Swiftfoot Boots >> Ogre Battledriver : +2/+0 and Haste. Making tokens and giving them a boost the turn they come. Sounds like fun.

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