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If This Is To End In Fire We Shall Burn Together

Commander / EDH Burn Mono-Red Multiplayer



A "75% Power Level" deck for multiplayer designed around watching everything burn. This deck likes to double everything:

Your goal is to reduce all of your opponents to zero life while keeping your own life total relatively higher with Basilisk Collar or other equipment that grants Lifelink. This is ideally performed by casting Ashling the Pilgrim and attaching equipment that protects her from herself so you do not have to keep casting her from the Command Zone. Darksteel Plate and Sword of War and Peace are the best pieces of equipment for this task.

Note: Don't be afraid to cast Glorious End to stop that pesky Blue mage from winning with their combo. You may die, but you will learn what it truly means to be alive.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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