I enjoyed playing this deck in Kamigawa Standard (obviously in a different form) and thought I'd update and take advantage of the larger card pool to make it Modern legal.

The deck has gone through several incarnations in the last few years and currently sits as a mono-white prison shell, however any suggested improvements would be welcome as something to aim for.

It has been reasonably solid against most match-ups so far (especially as it is essentially a deck full of sideboard cards), but struggles against heavy control if I can't find Boseiju, Who Shelters All . The most annoying problem I find is getting timed out in match-ups.

So far I've found that Leyline of Sanctity is one of the most important cards as it usually causes a Game 1 auto-win against Storm and is excellent protection against Burn and a format full of Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek .

Any feedback is welcome.


Updates Add

Getting back into the Modern groove again and so figured it was time to update the numbers within this deck once more and tidy up a few cards.

I've finally acquired a 4th Runed Halo so that has been introduced, along with trying out Sphere of Safety once again. Luminarch Ascension has made way as there have been very few games in which this card ended up being relevant. Greater Auramancy has moved to the sideboard completely now for the same reason, sometimes being a dead card in game 1.

Will be hoping to try this out this week, but early tests on MTGO have been promising at least.

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