Use Derevi and some other powerful creatures to assemble a card draw engine and/or a machine gun.

I've put in cards I think are quite good, suggestions are of course welcome.

Will put this version of the deck to the test soon.


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I've changed quite a lot.

The focus of the deck is now to try and get as much value as possible from the persist creatures. Sack them to Birthing pod to get more out. Heartmender or Solemnity can get rid of any counters. I've added some search abillities, Enlightened Tutor, Birthing Pod, etc.

I've also added some lockdown cards, Winter Orb, Stasis, Decree of Silence.

Starfield of Nyx, Replenish and Hanna can recur any enchantments that might end up in the bin. It does get stuck sometimes but that might be my incompetence as a commander player.


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