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Iconoclasts v2[Combo]

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Update to the Iconoclast combo, now we don't need the sac outlets to 2x1 ourselves. No need to run Death's Watch. The write-up of the core deck can be found here.

What does it do?

It is a synergy deck that has a 3 card infinite life combo, as a side-effect of the combo your creatures can't be killed by damage. In paper I win by pinging with Blightspeaker or by waiting ~50 turns for my opponent to deck themselves (usually they concede when I help them do the math on how much damage they can pump out in 50 turns and how that is nowhere close to 6,022*10^23). Games are fun against infinite damage combos and the reaction of opponents to "I can now wait here until the trumpets sound and Apocalypse takes you" never fails to be funny.

What changed?

We can now maindeck more spirits, read the bones and custodi squire. We now have an infinite loop with the deck post sideboard and can use the Palace Sentinels for early card draw into combo and mill enhancer lategame if oponent attacks us at some point.

Card:Severed Strands gives the deck another way of killing kiln fiends so we can survive for long enough to get infinite life.

Card:Unearth has also been added for resilience and emergency card draw.

This is a combo only for paper, I will upgrade into it from the previous build and report the results.


Remove the gravepurges, custodi squires and conjurer's bauble. Add Soltari Visionary or another way to deal damage when your clerics are damage-proof other than the card:Blightspeakers. You can also rely on Pestilence and add a few copies to more effectively stabilize against Delver variants. To reduce the ammount of clicking involved you can shift the core into a UW or RW build and use the Inside Out -like effects present in both colours to get a 1-Hit KO version (But then you should probably just run Tribe as it has the same weakneses but is a little more consistent as long as the opponent is below 24hp).


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