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Ib Halfheart, Sacrifice Everything!

Commander / EDH Aggro Goblins Mono-Red



Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician Everything is a resource, and Ib is willing to use it all! The main focus of the deck is pumping out lands and goblin buffs for cheap, and as fast as possible to alpha shot your opponent.

Cheap Mana Rocks like Mind Stone, Lotus Petal, and Sol Ring help get out your buff spells.

Artifacts like Thaumatic Compass and Sword of the Animist help you get continuous lands.

The main star of the show is Treasonous Ogre. Three life may seem like a hefty price to pay for 1 Red Mana, but having an extra 11 mana (paying 39 life, Goblins are risky!) on turn 3 or 4 is nothing to sneeze at!

Featuring a ton of cheap but efficient buffs like Shared Animosity, Quest for the Goblin Lord, and Obelisk of Urd, it is easy to turn 6 lands into 6 goblins that can swing for a lot! And while Ib is content to hang back, why not swing with him to? 7 goblins and shared animosity is 56 damage!

While this deck focuses on fast playing and risky maneuvers, Blood Moon, Jokulhaups, and Price of Glory can keep you in the late game too. Speaking of Blood Moon....

The Deck runs snow covered mountains for Extra-Planar Lens (so if you are facing mono red, it won't help them). As well as for Scrying Sheets to help you draw some more snow covered lands. The non basic lands in this deck are all utility for early game, but once you play a Blood Moon, it allows you to sacrifice them for goblins too!

Typically this deck will play only a land turn one (a one drop if you are lucky). Then a land and some ramp turn two. As long as you aren't super unlucky, you can play Ib, or something to accelerate your goblins on turn three. Turn four or five you should have 4-6 lands, a buff or two, and possibly Ib. When you can play Ib, sacrifice your lands and swing out, go for it!

Never be afraid to feed Treasonous Ogre, he is seriously helpful. If you can bring your opponent down in one go, then what do you need life for? This deck is super risky and very fun to play.


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