A deck dedicated to everyone's favourite Beefslab, who sacrificed himself so that Liliana could get some sweet revenge on Niccy B....... R. I. P

To add more of a proper description this, as you can clearly see, is a Gideon Tribal Deck, I have searched on Scryfall for pretty much every single card that features Gideon/Kytheon and fits the theme well, thankfully pretty much every card that features him has something to do with soldier tokens or generally attacking so I believe I've managed to make a pretty coherent deck list, the reveal of the Signature Spellbook Gideon has also greatly helped me out as it now gives me access to some powerful cards like Path to Exile and True Conviction not to mention that sweet new Blackblade Reforged artwork as well!

Sadly, as expected there still wasn't really enough cards to fill out an entire commander deck for Gideon Tribal so this is where I had to get a little more creative, in order to fit the theme still I decided to add cards from planes that Gideon feels a connection to therefor, whilst having cards that don't directly link to Gideon, they're from planes that he is fond of, from reading the story since around the start of Origins I decided that the planes I was going to choose from where Theros (his home plane), Bant (the first plane he planeswalked to), Amonkhet (the plane that reminded him most of home), Zendikar (where he has spent a significant amount of time fighting against The Eldrazi) and Ravnica (where he has close connections with the Boros Guild). With the planes decided I could then complete the deck and made the last few card slots that much easier to choose.

In terms of the mana base that was the most fun to put together, obviously Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx was an auto include as it's from Theros, but then I realised that a lot of white lands actually help this game plan quite well, it has lands like Kor Haven and Eiganjo Castle that can prevent or lower combat damage to protect my Gideon's and creatures whilst Sejiri Steppe can provide protection from a particular colour when it ETB's, and there are also lands that can actually help in combat as well, Forbidding Watchtower can do it's best Gideon impression and become a 1/5 soldier until the end of turn and Kjeldoran Outpost can create 1/1 soldiers to send out and fight too, Shefet Dunes and Sandstone Bridge also beef up any creatures I have to deal that little bit extra damage, and with them being lands from Amonkhet and Zendikar respectively they slotted right into the theme of the list.

Overall I think I've managed to come up with a pretty decent casual list that fits the flavour and life of Kytheon Iora / Gideon Jura quite well, if there are any card choices that you may question or any recommendations you think I should add then please drop a comment below, I would also appreciate it if you upvote this deck if you like the look of it! :)

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May he now Rest in Peace...


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