I Want Your Brains!

I Want Your Brains! is a Horde Magic Deck. Based On the Horde Magic Rules.This is a variation of the Updated Zombie Horde Deck made by Adam Styborski.

This format was created by Peter Knudson and details about it can be found here: Horde Magic.

This is my first foray into Horde Magic so I wanted to go with the original Horde type which is Zombies of course. My Horde is different from the original list due to a couple of reasons. Either I do not own any copies of a card from the original list like Death Baron. Or I preferred to use a card I liked for the Horde better like Diregraf Colossus.

I cannot list tokens in the decklist so the cards Necrosavant and Walking Corpse are placeholders representing 5/5 Zombie Giant Tokens and 2/2 Zombie Tokens respectively.


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