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pie chart I wanna be an Eldrazi when I grow up.




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The idea behind this deck is to use Necrotic Ooze to mimic Spawnsire of Ulamog's abilities with the combination of Training Grounds to give me a very quick win through massive Eldrazi's coming out.

The scry abilities are to make sure that I have a Spawnsire near the top. Tome Scour then sends it to my graveyard where it will give Necrotic Ooze the abilities.

If I only have 1 Training Grounds out there, I can bring out eldrazi spawn which I then sack to give me two mana and put two counters on mortician beetle. Do that as many times as I want then cast distortion strike and I win.

Rise from the Grave will be there as another way to get Spawnsire's abilities onto the field.


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