This is a list I have been working on for roughly a year that I called Exiled which is also on this page. This deck became what you see today because of the card Scheming Symmetry . Whenever Scheming Symmetry was released I knew that I had to make a deck revolving around it! The deck uses Scheming Symmetry with Archive Trap , Thought Scour , or Surgical Extraction to give me any card I need & take away my opponents card. The deck aims to win by taking away all wincon's from the opponent's deck or milling the opponent out. After seeing Sam Black's Mystic Sultai list I added the Cryptic Command Mystic Sanctuary combo. I was thinking of good creatures to add to the deck to help me win by beat down if need be & I ended up adding Skittles. My thoughts were infect was the first deck that I ever played in modern so why not relive those days? The other thought is 10 life is a lot more manageable compared to 20 life. I can't say that it's a great idea, but it does make my opponent panic making it even easier for me to keep control. I look forward to any & all ideas & look forward to hearing feedback. Thank you everyone for taking time to read this & giving me more ideas to further it along!


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Running more test before FNM & I have come to the conclusion that Phyrexian Crusader with a few counters in hand = game over! Game 1 vs U/W is always long & tedious, generally in my decks favor. Game 2 on the other hand is almost too easy since adding the Crusader. I play Phyrexian Crusader turn 3-4 with a counter in hand to stop their counter spell then U/W has nothing to handle it unless they run something like Cyclonic Rift or Boomerang & most list don't meaning that it is an untouchable creature that wins the game in 5 turns if the rest of my deck doesn't shred them beforehand. I never thought that Phyrexian Crusader would ever be this good, but now I'm not looking back! Now most Burn decks that I see are R/W or R/B against the R/W the mix of Phyrexian Crusader & Pulse of Murasa means that they have no real way to kill me & I just beat them out with infect. Against R/B it's not as good since Fatal Push although push is only ever one counter away from having all copies exiled. All & all I feel that in this style of control deck running Phyrexian Crusader is completely worth it & a great surprise for game 2 especially if you win game 1. Thank you all for your time I hope you are enjoying hearing about the deck as much as I am enjoying testing it!


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