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I Take My Personal Space Prettttyy Seriously

Commander / EDH Artifact Control Stax W/U/B (Esper)



So the theme of the deck is, woah! Woah! Who's around me right now? Who's AROUND me right now?

So I'm Lionstrong and I gotta say, I take personal space prettyyy seriously. Stax/ Prison to slow the game down and control the board. Its how I keep people out of my safe space. Complete with bully proof windows and troll safe doors.

So lets step up, get stepped up.... let's everyone get stepped up here and I'll show you my win conditions.

One, personal space. Primary win condition is Knowledge Pool + Teferi to ensure that opponents cannot play spells. Knowledge Pool + Rule of Law or Arcane Laboratory causes me to be locked out as well. Ohhh boy, h-hopefully my board state is secure with Sphinxes, Master Transmuter, Artifacts, etc for optimal synergy.

Two, personal space. Secondary win condition is Time Sieve + Thopter Assembly to give me infinite turns. I CAAAANNNN DO pretty much anything with that many turns! Especially with Sen Triplets!

Three, personal space. Third win condition is getting sphinxes on the field and doing something janky like play Magister Sphinx to ten somebody and swing out. People complain that they suck but they would be wrong, I'M THE ONE WHO SUCKS!

The deck plays around making opponents pay for messing with me. Extra mana for each creature attacking me, creatures and artifacts coming in tapped, spells for me costing less mana, counter spells that don't send things to the graveyard, counter spells that take control of opponents spells, etc. Basically I have several win conditions of my own but I always have the option of using your own stuff against you.

Winning is fun but beating an opponent with his own deck is funner.

A-and that's it for this edition of Personal Space with Lionstrong


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