Darien, King of Kjeldor has died and been raised as a lich some centuries later.

He's also changed his name to Nekusar, because the chick that brought him back told him that was his name and his memories are... well, lacking, to say the least. Liliana kindly filled him in on everything he needed to know, though. How she was innocent, being hunted, how the world was out to get her (and him).

You know, the usual.

But the thing is Darien-Nekusar used to be a nice guy and parts of his past life still resonant within him! So he still wants to help people, mainly by forcing knowledge (card draw) onto them, whether they want it or not.

He's helping, really, he is.

Features secret commander/Chief Knowledge Helper: The Locust God , wife/queen/fellow helper: Nin, the Pain Artist , royal parrot: Baleful Strix , court jester: Master of the Feast , Liliana's 'aid': Liliana's Caress and a variety of other (mostly on theme) fun stuff!


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