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#9 in tournament @ Samurai Comics West — Oct. 12, 2012

Round 1: went up against rbdw, won game one with a perfectly controlled board, lost game 2 and 3 from him having a fast start and me not getting double blue.

Round 2: played against american miracles. Almost won game 1 through mill even though my opponent had a tamiyo emblem (was 3 cards short). Game 2-3 Had all the answers while my opponent could barely get a board going.

Round 3: played against a bant control, he won (but had no cards left in his deck on game 2).

Round 4: played against jund zombies, lost game 1 to an explosive start. Won game 2 mostly due to him playing Brimstone Volley instead of flashbacking Bump in the Night instead of him winning I Redirected it back to him (we were both at 3 life). Game 3 I had complete control and even had time to use Deathrite Shaman to heal me to a good health before I started ticking him down. Found grove to be not as useful and doorcreaper vine might become Farseek.

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