I'm just here to cast all my spells and take every turn. You won't enjoy this.

While this deck isn't exactly budget, I ain't trying to spend an absurd amount on a deck, so I try to build within a $200 limit at most.

The entire premise off this deck is to use Narset, Enlightened Master to cast spells free, quick, and often. Given that she is already hexproof, the deck contains different ways to allow her to attack without dying. Usually this is some sort of unblockable or landwalk, but cards like Sleep and Energy Arc are used for similar purposes. Also, I put in a few multiple combat cards, that if pull during a safe Narset attack, could be delightful for you and detrimental for your opponents.

The deck doesn't run much control, instead opting for just taking more turns than the opponent. There are all the best extra turn cards I could think of included in the deck, and each extra attack for Narset helps snowball like crazy, especially after considering Eye of the Storm .

While the deck doesn't require it to do well, pull Eye of the Storm whenever you have a chance and value it highly in a starting hand ( which should have a minimum 3 land in this deck). The card allows for easy exploitation of large instants and sorceries, and has extreme combo potential due to its strange wording. Eye of the Storm specifically copies instant and sorcery CARDS, not spells, and casts ( or plays ) all of the copies with each loop. This means that it is amazing fuel for all types of storm spells ( Grapeshot , Brain Freeze , card: Ignite Memories and Mind's Desire ).

Ral, Storm Conduit and card: Sentinel Tower also thrives off Eye of the Storm extremely well, and after a few instants or sorceries, storm spells and card: Thousand-Year Storm will very quickly reach stacks around 15 spells every turn you simply cast 2 spells.

Any extra turn cards will allow you the completely avoid the risk of opponents using Eye of the Storm's abilities, as will Lavinia, Azorius Renegade . Getting just a single extra turn card in the loop of Eye of the Storm usually results in the opponent never playing another card.

To feed any of the various copy mechanics from the many enchantments, lots of these cards aim to cast other spells for free. These will allow you snowball quickly, especially once the Eye in on the board, as each cast from the initial spells effects will result in it happening again, allowing for the option of an infinite combo, best utilized by Aminatou's Augury . This spell will let you mine for almost anything, creating large storm build-ups or simply digging for Laboratory Maniac .

This deck is by no means quick out of the gate, but a single attack from Narset, Enlightened Master can win you the game. You can tank damage early and wait for Heroes Remembered or Invincible Hymn to show up in your digging, or simply pulling extra turn cards can spell doom for your enemies.

I've seen this deck win as early as turn 5, but every way it requires Eye of the Storm to really pop off. card: Mind's Desire and card: Aminatou's Augury can fuel Eye of the Storm for an very quick win.

The fastest possible win is in 3 turns. But requires some crazy luck. Turn one and two need to get out enough mana ramp (usually Sol Ring, Basalt Monolith, Pentad Prism, etc) to get Turn 3, basic land, Narset, Lightning Greaves , attack and pull Eye of the Storm and Aminatous Augury. Very unlikely, and there is a small chance that the Augury infinite fails by not pulling another Eye trigger, but any attack by Narset can quickly become all you need to win.

I hope you all have fun with this deck or a similar one and I would be really appreciative of any feedback you all have ( new spells, combos I didn't see, cards to replace, anything ).


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