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Modern Budget Control Creatureless Jank Theme/Gimmick U/B (Dimir)



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To those of you who do not know what a netdecker is, it is "One who goes online in pursuit of a partial or whole successful deck of cards in games like Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, etc." (Kind of ironic since this is on tappedout) This kind of person will usually play some tier 1 deck at your lGS in order to try and crush other people, and destroy any level of creativity present.

I have built many homebrews in the past, and there are always people who say, "Why not play -some tier 1 deck- it's what all the pros use!" I've also heard "Homebrews are terrible, why would anybody want to play them when you can play tier 1?"

So, I decided to build a homebrew that embraced those stereotypes about poorly thought out homebrews, and put them to work. In case you haven't noticed, this deck is TERRIBLE, it has no win cons, no creatures, not even burn spells! However, this isn't the deck we expect to win with...

enter image description here

Our deck is built around one card, and one card only, Shared Fate.

You know how decks like Jund and Tron play lots of good cards right? Shared Fate lets us play with their fun cards, while they get our deck, a bunch of draw spells that don't help them, some creature removal, and some counterspells.

Hopefully, this will allow us to use our opponent's strategy against them and win the game with whatever we get from them.

enter image description here

Flaying Tendrils: The mono-black Anger of the Gods, Tendrils sweeps up annoying cards like Bloodghast and Voice of Resurgence that don't go along with what we are trying to do in this build.

Inquisition of Kozilek: This card hits a vast majority of cards that are currently played in the modern format, while also letting us see if it is the right time to drop a Shared Fate.

Night's Whisper & Serum Visions: Card filtering that allows us to get to Shared Fate ASAP.

Negate, Mana Leak, Dissipate, Dispel: Countermagic to help us disrupt our opponent's game plan.

Fatal Push & Dismember: These cards kill the vast majority of creatures that are currently played in the modern format.

Brainspoil: A 3 mana tutor that gets us a Shared Fate.

Shared Fate: The only way we can win a game.

enter image description here

Languish: The board NEEDS to be cleared before we can Shared Fate.

Dispel: Additional countermagic to disrupt our opponent.

Duress: Since we are geared towards fighting aggro decks in the main, we run Duress to stop control, combo, and tron decks from being able to kill us before we Shared Fate.

Echoing Truth: This card can bounce anything from a Leyline of Sanctity to a Death's Shadow, all for 2 mana.

Pithing Needle: Cards like Karn Liberated aren't that scary when they can't do anything.

Rain of Tears: Land destruction for any and all manlands.

enter image description here

By playing cards like City of Brass and Relfecting pool you could increase your ability to play whatever your opponent is playing and win the game.

Fetchlands would also increase consistency and make Fatal Push amazing.

Adding red would allow you to play cards like Shatterstorm although I'm unsure if it's that necessary.

Bribery in the sideboard gives you the option to steal something like an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger from a tron player.

If Gravehate is a must, Nihil Spellbomb, Leyline of the Void, Grafdigger's Cage, etc. are all solid sideboard options.

If bogles is in your meta, Spellskite and Engineered Explosives work wonders.

I'm open to ideas and suggestions to make this deck better.

enter image description here

If you enjoyed this build, please give an upvote or leave a comment or suggestion, as I always love getting feedback on my decks.

If you want more builds and brew you can check them out @ Sargeras.

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