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I Have A Gambling Problem

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Quarters. You can use them to either operate laundry services, scratch off that fifth losing instant winner ticket in a row, or even retrieve handfuls of sweet treats or puppy stickers from what are essentially slot machines for children.

Or you could screw that noise, and bring your sweet, sweet, coinage to the commander table and either rain hell fire all around you or die in a horrible cataclysmic explosion, but hey, at least you'll die with a smile on your face.

This deck's sole purpose isn't to win, it's to create those Magic moments around the table, and keep those smiles shining until they read your cards' rules texts

My general, Arjun, the Shifting Flame, allows me to dig for answers, shenanigans, or combo pieces. Most of the time I'd notice I really would only want to play a few cards out of my hand at a given time, so pitching a hand and getting a restock is great!

Okay, so Ludevic dont have anything to do with coins, but he deals in useful, diplomatic currency: Card Draw. He buys you time to do thumb push-ups and stretch your flipping hand out while your opponents don't mess with you for an extra card.

Depending on if there are other people who suffer from gambling addiction as much as you do at the table, Game of Chaos has the potential to wipe a player out on turn 3. Dual Casting has me gamble with more than one amigo, too!!

Combo Starters: Frenetic Efreet , Squee's Revenge , Krark's Thumb, Fiery Gambit, Fighting Chance , Game of Chaos , Mana Clash

Combo Outlets: Chance Encounter , Karplusan Minotaur ,

Even this deck's card draw and board wipes are dependant on the luck of the (mostly) copper circle: Sorcerer's Strongbox , Boompile

Any help in tweaking this beauty is much appreciated, and remember,

You gotta risk it for the biscuit


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So I've officially made a sideboard full of cards that aren't legal in my deck (Odds, Goblin Bookie, Mana Screw, Dumb Ass) that I can ask every pregame if the other players would let me use them.

This deck's ability to perform in a 1v1 is hard to chart. Sometimes, I get nothing as my opponents pummel me with their entire deck, other times I get off a Chance Encounter + Frenetic Efreet junk combo if I'm in a pickle.

My goal is not to make coin flip tribal competitive, but rather fun to play for everyone involved. Multiplayer is where this deck thrives, though. Win or lose, any game I play with this baby is fun so I chalk it up as a win.


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