So I’m not really a cedh guy or anything but seeing how op this combo of Tezzeret the Seeker and Merchant Scroll could be I had to build it. So since I don’t really make competitive decks I don’t know if I’ve properly constructed this to it’s full potential but I at least know it works. And I’m not that knowledgeable on the rules of Oathbreaker so if this deck isn’t even legal feel free to tell me. Essentially the game plan is to play a ton of low cost mana rocks as early as possible, cast Tezzeret the Seeker , cast Merchant Scroll targeting Dramatic Reversal , use tezzeret’s second ability tutoring for Isochron Scepter and minus by 4 to return him back to the command zone(it’s called that in Oathbreaker right?) imprinting Dramatic Reversal . If you have enough mana to tap the isochron scepter(if you don’t you can still win the turn after) and you have enough rocks to tap for at least 3 mana and a rock that taps for colored mana, you make infinite colored mana, which you can use to get a card like Altar of the Brood and Aetherflux Reservoir and infinity cast tezzeret to negative 4 him with his second ability failing to search for anything(or not and just get all the artifacts in the deck). With a bit of luck you basically win the game if you successfully cast Tezzeret the Seeker . Can work by infinitely casting Merchant Scroll but you have to have tezzeret out and only works with Aetherflux Reservoir and not Altar of the Brood . Another combo is infinitely casting Merchant Scroll searching for Blue Sun's Zenith and casting it for a million to make them draw their whole deck, you can also tutor for Counterspells before hand as a safe measure if they try to counter Blue Sun's Zenith . The rest of the deck is just cantrips and counterspells to help the deck function more smoothly and consistently. So yeah, idk if I did this correctly but I think I did an ok job. Suggestions are open!


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