Would you like to join my team of boss babes? #StrongElves

  • First let me say thank you for checking out this deck I have Created. All the decks on this account are made with competitive EDH in mind when they are created, but with a budget if $500 or less. This deck tech however steps completely into left-field because, in the words of our mighty #MLMOverlords you gotta spend some money to make some money. Still relatively cheap by the standards of fully tuned competitive though. This deck is based off a meme between me and my good friend MexicoreLlama I hope you all enjoy this deck tech I had a lot of fun writing this as well as making the list.

Do I Have an Offer For You!!! XOXOXO <3

  • Hi, My name is Selvala, and I wanted to know if you'd be willing to join my team of awesome EDH Boss Babes xoxo <3. For the entry price of $600, that's right only $600, you could tearing up your local EDH scene with my bombtastic deck! With a combination of our wonderful Elvish Boss Babes, our wonderful equipment and accessories (Courtesy of #LuLaRoe <3<3), and finally our wonderful product parties such as our genesis wave we can show everyone the power of #StrongElves #BossBabes #I'mGettingPaidByThe# that we represent in the EDH Community. DM Me if Interested XOXOXOXO <3.

Lets Introduce The Ladies

  • Here at the wonderful business that is #StrongElves we work together as a team to sell life our changing products. I'll go ahead and give you the run down of these awesome #BossBabes.

    1. First up we have the one and only ME!!! Selvala, Explorer Returned, I'm the one running this show. I help the deck get going by doing loads of #Useful things. After I demand parley with the rude waitress Manager, It wasn't my fault the coupon was expired, I turn that into selling products to them (Drawing cards) and making #BossMoney (Mana) for myself. Combine me with some of our wonderful #LuLaRoe equipment like umbral mantle and I could possibly draw our whole deck!

    2. Next up we have the 5 wonderful ladies that are the all stars in making us #BossMoney. These lovely ladies are Priest of Titania, Wirewood Channeler, Elvish Archdruid, Marwyn, the Nurturer, and last but certainly not least Karametra's Acolyte!!! These ladies run their own markets and I couldn't be prouder. When they are on the field worker with their own teams of #StrongElves the #BossMoney they make is unmatched! Oh, and when they pull out their own Umbral Mantle or their new sexy Sword of the Paruns (Who doesn't love a new toy ladies ;) <3) they might just make more than we know what to do with.

    3. Finally, what would any #BossBabe be without her #BossBae!!! (#StillGettingPaidByThe#) The big buff #BossBaes featured in the deck are Heliod, Sun-Crowned, Craterhoof Behemoth and the big bad Dragonlord Dromoka, (Yes even other #BossBabes can be #BossBaes #MostDefinitelyStillGettingPaidByThe#) Heliod likes to show off his mechanical skills with his Walking Ballista that the others men will just concede. Craterhoof is best at helping his ladies fellow #BossBabes get going to storm the competition. Finally Dramoka simply dares the other teams to try and stop her girls. She will simply plow through the competition.

How Do I Get Started

  • I'm glad you Asked!!! XOXO <3<3 It's super simple to get started! First your gonna wanna get yourself and your team of #BossBabes onto the field so you can start making that sweet #BossMoney. (Use the numerous one mana elves to ramp your deck into its starting plays) Next, Your gonna wanna use some of your #LuLaRoe equipments , #YesIAmStillBeingPaidByThe#, such as your Umbral Mantle or Sword of the Paruns so that you can make all the #BossMoney!!!! (Equip either to your mana dorks that produce more than 3 mana, you then procede to make infinite mana and then use that to pay for the infinite parley) Just make sure that when the haters try to shut you down, you #Silence them. If that doesn't work you can also fall back on your lovely Autumn's Veil or try out the all new Veil of Summer, suitable for all the #StrongElves out there. (If possible always attempt to cast one of the spells above to prevent your opponents from really being able to stop you) Finally we take all our #BossMoney and use to throw one of our #YouDeserveThisBitch parties!!!! Our parties come with many essential themes includeing Green Sun's Zenith, Genesis Wave, or my personal #BossBabeAreYouOverThisShitYet favorite Finale of Devastation. Just get one of your #BossBaes like Craterhoof and your party is sure to end with a bang xoxoxo <3 #StillMakingMoneyFrom#

Disclaimer For all of Those Who Survived

  • First off, I want to once again Thank you for checking this #BossBabe deck tech. This deck was a hell of a lot of fun to write-up as well as just genuinely funny to mess around with. I've always found MlM's super irritating and decided it would be fun to poke fun at their entire concept while delivering, in my opnion, a solid deck along the way. If you enjoyed the deck tech and want to check out some more list, 100% not memes, you can find some of me and my friend's list. My list are built around the idea the idea of you can play on a more competitive level without breaking the bank. His decks Tend to just be Hell of a lot of fun, Im partial to the Purpherous List myself.

  • My deck techs: Alesha Creature Combo, Sharuum Artifact Combo, Wort Spellslinger, Jeleva Storm, Rienne Value

  • MexicoreLlama deck techs: Yisan Creature Combo, Purphoros Cedh


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