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I can't lose the game and you can't have fun

Modern* Mono-White



This is a deck showing off a fun interaction between Solemnity and Phyrexian Unlife. It makes it so that you can't die.

In order to protect these cards I put in Greater Auramancy. Porphyry Nodes helps slow things like aggro.

Rule of Law punishes combo decks hard, while Ghostly Prison and Sphere of Safety hurt aggro decks a lot.

Starfield of Nyx is a sweet topend card that allows us to play enchantments that may have been destroyed and get in for damage to close out a game.

Approach of the Second Sun ends up being the main way this deck wins.

The sideboard is all about hurting popular decks like dredge and affinity, while also have some stuff to deal with combos or games where we don't get the early enchantments out.


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