So here's Vannifar EDH, as competitive as we could make it (for now). Huge thanks to the Vannifar discord for putting up with my insane ramblings as we hammered out these combos and this decklist, and to everyone who gave feedback or suggestions here or on Reddit. If you find a better combo line, or some cool tech, or try out this or a similar list and want to share your results, I'd love to hear it. Good luck and happy podding!
- Blue and Green are easily the best colors in EDH, giving you access to a powerful set of options despite only being in two colors.
- Having a 1-card combo in your command zone makes going off very consistent.
- Only being in two colors gives you substantially fewer options than other decks, which don't need to compromise as heavily on card choices.
- In exchange for its consistency, your combo is slow and vulnerable, requiring you to untap with your commander and then go off at sorcery speed, giving you opponents ample time to interact.
- Lots of combo pieces means high concentration of dead draws.
- Library-centric combo means that drawing a combo piece may be worse than dead, and actively hinder your combo options.
All of our combo lines start from a 2 CMC creature and an untapped Prime Speaker Vannifar . However, with Vannifar out, any creature can be used to reach this state with the following lines.

Line Requires: 2 Forests and 1 Green Fetchland

  • Crack fetch for Dryad Arbor
  • Pod to Quirion Ranger - Untap Prime Speaker Vannifar
  • Pod to Scryb Ranger - Untap Prime Speaker Vannifar

This line gets you to the 2 drop creature and an untapped Prime Speaker Vannifar to transition into a combo line. Note that for the Peregrine Drake combos, you will need three lands total, which between the three of them, produce both colors.

This line is used if Thousand-Year Elixir is unavailable for some reason, or we think our opponents' interaction targets artifacts. Especially useful vs an untapped Yisan, Wanderer Bard. It requires an untap available ( Crop Rotation or Minamo, School at Water's Edge or Wirewood Lodge or Kiora's Follower already in play).

Line requires: ++cost of untap | Untap in hand/play | 3 Lands in Play | 2 CMC Creature

Cards used:
- Spellseeker
- Crop Rotation
- Minamo, School at Water's Edge or Wirewood Lodge
- Fatestitcher - Peregrine Drake
- Body Double
- Deadeye Navigator
- any 2 CMC Creature
- any Untap

  1. Pod to Spellseeker for Crop Rotation
  2. Cast Crop Rotation into Minamo, School at Water's Edge - Untap Prime Speaker Vannifar
  3. Pod to Fatestitcher
  4. Use untap in hand/play
  5. Pod to Peregrine Drake - Untap Prime Speaker Vannifar with Minamo, School at Water's Edge
  6. Pod to Deadeye Navigator
  7. Unearth Fatestitcher - Untap Prime Speaker Vannifar
  8. Pod to Body Double , copying Peregrine Drake
  9. Flicker Deadeye Navigator - Soulbond to Body Double ( Peregrine Drake )

You now have infinite mana flickering Body Double as Peregrine Drake

Proceed to Unhasted Shift Loop Ender

This line plays around graveyard hate (but not Cage, Cage just straight hoses us no matter what). Like Backup 1, it requires an out-of-had untap or a Wirewood Lodge or Minamo, School at Water's Edge , and also requires an additional creature in play to start. Obviously this is not ideal, but neither is playing a combo deck into Rest in Peace. This line doesn't need a specific number of lands, but needs plus the cost of your untap in total to go off. Fetching Peregrine Drake as your 5 can reduce down as far as 1UG.

Line requires: +cost of untap | Untap Available | 2 CMC Creature | 0, 1, or 2 CMC Creature

Cards used:
- Trophy Mage
- Thousand-Year Elixir
- Fatestitcher - Peregrine Drake
- Deadeye Navigator
- Selvala, Heart of the Wilds
- any 2 CMC Creature
- any 0, 1, or 2 CMC Creature - any Untap

  1. Pod to Trophy Mage for Thousand-Year Elixir
  2. Cast Thousand-Year Elixir - Untap Prime Speaker Vannifar
  3. Pod to Fatestitcher - Untap Prime Speaker Vannifar
  4. Pod to Any 5 CMC Creature - Use Untap
  5. Pod to Deadeye Navigator - Soulbond to Prime Speaker Vannifar
  6. Flicker Prime Speaker Vannifar
  7. Pod your other creature to Selvala, Heart of the Wilds (You can Untap by Flickering Prime Speaker Vannifar
  8. Flicker Deadeye Navigator - Soulbond to Selvala, Heart of the Wilds

You now have Infinite Mana by Flickering and Activating Selvala, Heart of the Wilds

Draw your Library by Flickering Deadeye Navigator
Remove the opposing Graveyard Hate Piece Proceed to Unhasted Shift Loop Ender (Step 4)

Start State: Infinite mana | Body Double paired to Deadeye, Vannifar in play | Haste Enabler in Play | 2 drop creature in graveyard

  1. Flicker Body Double , copying 2 CMC Creature
  2. Flicker Deadeye Navigator - Soulbond to Prime Speaker Vannifar
  3. Flicker Prime Speaker Vannifar
  4. Pod Body Double into Eternal Witness , returning 2 CMC Creature
  5. Cast 2 CMC Creature
  6. Flicker Prime Speaker Vannifar
  7. Pod 2 CMC Creature into Spelleeker
  8. Flicker Deadeye Navigator - Soulbond to Spellseeker
  9. Flicker Spellseeker for Green Sun's Zenith
  10. Flicker Spellseeker for Winds of Rebuke
  11. Flicker Deadeye Navigator - Soulbond to Eternal Witness
  12. Cast Green Sun's Zenith for Scavenging Ooze
  13. Cast Winds of Rebuke on Eternal Witness
  14. Activate Scavenging Ooze to Exile all Opponents' Graveyards
  15. Cast Eternal Witness returning Winds of Rebuke
  16. Repeat from (13)
  17. Win Game

If Eternal Witness is inaccessible for some reason, you can use this alternative line. It is technically a more complete win than the other two enders, exiling opponents' graveyards as well as their fields and libraries, and causing them to lose the game on your turn, rather than in their respective draw steps. However it requires the very expensive Timetwister and is much more complicated and time consuming to execute.
Start State: Infinite Mana | Deadeye Navigator in play
You'll have drawn your deck, so you'll already have access to all of the cards you need. Cast Spellseeker
1. Cast Winds of Rebuke on an opponent's permanent
2. Use Scavenging Ooze to exile all cards in opponents' graveyards
3. Cast Timetwister
4. Flicker Spellseeker to find Winds of Rebuke , Noxious Revival , and Ponder
5. Cast Noxious Revival on Timetwister
6. Cast Ponder to draw Timetwister
7. Repeat from this process until all opponents lose the game drawing for Timetwister from an empty library.

Coming Soon
Because our primary combo line is a land-based combo, we run only the best mana rocks available. Chrome Mox provides colors and acceleration, while Mana Crypt , Mana Vault , and Sol Ring all provide large amounts of colorless, which can especially help casting our Commander and our Thousand-Year Elixir , allowing our lands to stay up for interaction. Carpet of Flowers is a cEDH autoinclude, with a huge majority of decks being blue, and can provide a powerful and fast mana advantage. The rest of the land base is built with a focus on consistency, as our primary combo needs at least one source of each color, and can be very forest-intensive if Quirion Ranger and Scryb Ranger are needed to bridge the pod chains. Wirewood Lodge and Minamo, School at Water's Edge give us additional ways to untap our Commander, and let Spellseeker into Crop Rotation act as an untapper in pod chains. Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth act as an additional 'land' for the purposes of comboing off with Peregrine Drake, as we need lands that tap for 3 total mana. Lastly, we play every 1-mana dork we can, and the best 2-mana ones in our colors, allowing us to cast our commander early and start our pod chains.
Our counter suite is tuned mostly toward protecting our combo turns, with as many cheap and free counters as we can fit, while maintaining their usefulness in stopping our opponents' action as well. Our removal is mostly generic bounce spells and artifact/enchantment removal, and Winds of Rebuke and Reality Shift double as pieces of our combo win loops.
Not a ton to say here, all the best draw engines and 1 mana draw spells we can play, tutors for action spells or protection. Eternal Witness and Spellseeker feature heavily in combo lines but can also just be cast for value if drawn. Timetwister isn't needed for most combo lines and is played primarily for value. It can definitely be cut in proxy-less paper decks for budgetary reasons.
- Intruder Alarm / Faces of the Past / Thornbite Staff : the obvious "level 0" combos with Vannifar. While incredibly powerful and much less limiting in their combo lines, allowing for the cutting of 'bad' combo cards, the lack of good tutors in Blue and Green make them too unreliable for a dedicated combo deck. Either you build your deck to go off without them, and accept that you have to make suboptimal inclusions, or build your deck to go off with them, and sometimes brick out. For this deck, we've chosen the former, but there are certainly options to be explored with these cards in other builds.
- Flash /Hulk: the boogeyman of cEDH, Flash and Hulk lose a substantial amount of their power in a Blue Green deck, with all the piles that win the game requiring a huge number of terrible cards ( Ezuri, Claw of Progress + Sage of Hours ) or pieces outside of the pile itself ( Grand Architect + Pili-Pala + Rootwater Diver + Walking Ballista ). There's a flash hulk pile that backdoors into the primary combo line, but it's not a good enough reason to run two cards that are dead on their own.
- Pestermite / Deceiver Exarch / Bounding Krasis / Breaching Hippocamp / Disciple of the Ring / Tidewater Minion /Chakram Retreiver: Although these cards featured heavily in early drafts of these combo lines, the centralization around Thousand-Year Elixir and Fatestitcher simply made them obsolete. Trophy Mage into Thousand-Year Elixir gives us an untap on 3 and the best untap we can have on 4. Spellseeker with Crop Rotation into Minamo, School at Water's Edge or Wirewood Lodge give us another good untap on 3 that also turns our Peregrine Drake on 5 into an untapper. The other untappers don't do anything that we don't already get from better, more flexible, or more essential cards.
- Beast Within : this card was in previous drafts of the deck, but is currently absent from my list. While Beast Within / Reality Shift give us the most complete victory possible by removing our opponents' lands, and circumventing Eldrazi Titans and Gaea's Blessings, Beast Within itself is a clunky enough card that I'd prefer not to include it if possible. Scavenging Ooze serves the same purpose in conjunction with Winds of Rebuke against those effects, and also provides some extra grave hate and a 2drop body to pod from. If you really want an extra removal spell this would be the first one I'd add.
- Ghostly Flicker : this can serve as a backup for Deadeye Navigator , albeit not a great one. It lets you combo off with Eternal Witness + Peregrine Drake for infinite mana, and has a somewhat straightforward combo line for this (Scryb->Trophy->Stitcher->Double on Scryb->Seeker for Merchant Scroll->Unearth->Peregrine->Flicker Seeker for GSZ for Ewit), but it is mana-intensive and doesn't combo with Selvala. If you're in a meta with a heavy presence of Praetor's Grasp , this lets you still combo through a grasped Deadeye Navigator . If wotc printed something like a UU sorcery version of this effect I'd play it mainboard, but as it is, the effect doesn't make the cut.
- Compost : this is an amazing draw engine in a black-heavy meta, so much so that it frequently gets included in cEDH primer stock lists. I don't like including it here because I personally don't play in a meta with enough black decks to include it, and I want this list to be as universal as possible. However, the card's power level is not to be overlooked, and if this card is good in your meta it will be one of the best cards in your deck.


Updates Add

I wasn't expecting to make updates to the list so soon but I've been thinking a lot about it and the games I've tested with it and solidified my design philosophy for the deck. Goldfish games end on turn 4 almost every time, wigth the rare 3 or 5. The deck is incredibly consistent, and has good recovery and redundancy slotted in. The weak link is (and probably always will be) having to cast your commander and have it live for a turn. With this in mind I've re-added Winding Canyons and Savage Summoning. Being able to dodge sorcery speed interaction or sneak in after a counter war should give us a much better chance of winning than just running it out and hoping. I've also added Lightning Greaves back, and a tutor/situational counter in the form of Muddle the Mixture. With a haste enabler in play, we can go off the turn we cast our commander, and the combo line only costs 2 mana, allowing for wins that are difficult to interact with.
To make room for these slots, I've cut a few cards I'm not impressed with.

  • Ghostly Flicker served as a backup for Deadeye Navigator, giving an alternate combo line, with all of our graveyard recursion, it shouldn't be a problem. You can re-add it if Praetor's Grasp is rampant in you meta.

  • Wirewood Herald is really powerful and opens up alternate combo lines but isn't necessary for anything and isn't good enough to expend a tutor on. It may make its way back in but there's more important things I'd rather have in that slot right now.

  • Preordain was the last card I cut for the adds, but it definitely should be added back somewhere, i haven't figured out where yet. It's a great card but it's low impact, so I'm okay with moving it out to the maybeboard until I find a place for it.

+Savage Summoning
+Winding Canyons
+Muddle the Mixture
+Lightning Greaves

-Ghostly Flicker
-Wirewood Herald

With the inclusion of more haste enablers, I'm considering re-adding Vizier of Tumbling Sands to allow manaless win routes from a hasty commander, being an out-of-hand untap for hateproof combos, and possibly enabling the addition of actual Birthing Pod as a backup option. More to come

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