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Concept: Overabundance of creature removal with slight direct damage.

What You Do: Keep creatures on lock while dishing direct damage at opponent for the win.

Usually the win conditions are as follows: a stack of Curse of the Pierced Heart, Chandra, the Firebrand ultimate or copied Bump in the Night, or Stensia Bloodhall will likely yield you the victory. It's slow, but promising.

Tips: Dump extra creature removal cards with the first ability of Liliana of the Veil. Always use Despise, Distress, and Surgical Extraction to dump creatures or planeswalkers, unless there's something else unforseen worth dumping (i.e. Witchbane Orb or direct damage cards against a heavy direct damage aggro deck).

Sideboard: Always sideboard out the creature removal that won't work against your specific opponent. For example: if you're playing against an artifact deck, always toss out all of the Go for the Throat. With that being said, if you win game one, game two will be even more difficult for your opponent, because you can fine-tune your creature kill spells.

Weaknesses: The first weakness is Witchbane Orb. Who plays those anyway? The solution is in the sideboard, Ancient Grudge, and main deck, Surgical Extraction. The second weakness is an overabundance of direct damage. The solution is in the main deck, Distress and Surgical Extraction.

Other: Comments are highly appreciated. I'd like to fine-tune this deck for a shot at placing in FNM tournaments, if nothing more than to at least piss off opponents and sneak in a win or two. Thanks for looking.

Also: Before you decide to arrogantly comment on the simplicity that is this deck -- please playtest and see just how "well" your deck actually contends. I think you might be surprised.

Credit: My i-bet-you-didnt-see-this-coming-comments-please deck.

Playtesting (12/23/2011):

  1. Beat a mono black infect deck (was never even poisoned once).
  2. Beat a green werewolf aggro deck (which was also running swords).

Issues: Watch the land count in your opening hand. Problems arise when you play with just one land and hope to get another. Take the mulligan.


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