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I Am A Rock - Noyan Dar $40 Budget Man Lands

Commander / EDH Budget Counters WU (Azorius)




The #3 Noyan Dar deck on TappedOut!


In my ongoing endeavor to bring frugality to Commander, each card in this deck is under $2 and the whole deck is under $40. If you like what you see, UPVOTE! or you can check out all my other $40 budget decks. If you see some areas of improvement, let me know what you'd change. Just make sure all suggested cards are under $2.

2) Keep mana open for protection (and because that's what blue does)

3) Cantrip your way to more cards, manlands and victory

1) Manland army

2) Token army via Talrand, Sky Summoner / Docent of Perfection  

Elite Arcanist + To Arms! / Unity of Purpose = infinite mana

Elite Arcanist + Triton Tactics + Azorius Chancery/Coral Atoll/Karoo/Temple of the False God = infinite mana

Feel free to suggest your favorite upgrade cards to add:

Board Clears: All Is Dust, Crush of Tentacles, Cyclonic Rift, Perilous Vault

Card Draw: Dig Through Time , Rhystic Study, Sphinx's Revelation

Cantrips: Gitaxian Probe, Mystic Confluence, Serum Visions

Counters: Cryptic Command, Disallow, Mystic Confluence

MANabase: Adarkar Wastes , Blinkmoth Nexus , Celestial Colonnade, Command Tower, Flooded Strand, Glacial Fortress, Hallowed Fountain , Inkmoth Nexus, Port Town , Prairie Stream, Reliquary Tower, Sol Ring, Thought Vessel

Protection: Lightning Greaves

Removal: Path to Exile, Return to Dust, Swords to Plowshares

Utility: Always Watching , Baral, Chief of Compliance, Enlightened Tutor, Inexorable Tide, Isochron Scepter, Metallurgic Summonings, Monastery Mentor, Mystical Tutor, Narset Transcendent, Part the Waterveil, Sun Titan

I love the challenge of building really cheap decks. This is how the majority of my real life decks start out and then I improve them over time.

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