Hydra Tribal deck. Beef 'em up and get them through the enemies defenses.


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This is a quality of life update for Hydras, Hydras Everywhere. This is the first deck I have ever put together and it really is a labor of love. It is not meant to be considered as high-powered or top-tier, but to support a fun and enjoyable game that features these creatures. As always, if you have suggestions, I'm always open for them.

Card Updates:

Replaced Artisan's Sorrow with Hindervines . Artisan's Sorrow was a bit too high-costed for its intent and, frankly, the Scry 2 wasn't granting much benefit in a typical game. Hindervines grants a great fog effect to potentially allow some fun combat shenanigans.

Scatter to the Winds replaced by Essence Capture . More specific counter, but pumps a Hydra in the process.

Ral Zarek replaced with Primordial Hydra . Ral was a placeholder.

Mystical Tutor replaced with Unbound Flourishing . Tutor is great, but better served in another deck. Unbound Flourishing was made for Hydras, so in it goes!

Peregrination replaced with Grow from the Ashes . Cheaper, but allowed to use the kicker, if able/needed. That flexibility is nice.

Fevered Visions replaced with Titanic Brawl . Visions was a nice draw effect, but again, I think it's better served in another deck. There are tons of draw effects in this deck, so I'm thinking removal is a better replacement here.

Mantle of Webs replaced by Hungering Hydra .


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