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Literally just started playing magic, and this is my first proper go at building a deck. The hydra cards looked kind of fun, so thought I'd give it a go.

So it's a deck with lots of hydras, it uses mana acceleration to get big creatures out as fast as possible. With many mana costs, a lot of these creatures can be somewhat flexible. Once the big creatures like Primordial Hydra and Hydra Broodmaster are out, their power and toughness ramps up with each passing turn, spell cast, or increasing of your mana pool etc. (They can be protected whilst they are still ramping using Asceticism or Alpha Authority). This ramping up of stats is accelerated using cards such as Doubling Season and Solidarity of Heroes to get more value out of these effects, then beat down on your opponent with some ridiculous +16/+16 hydra with trample. Or at least, that's the plan, read on for more information on win conditions and strengths and weaknesses etc.

Deck is largely in its finished form now, in that I've bought the cards, and requires some playtesting for real, which I will report on here.

Check back over the next week or so and I will update this description with information about how it plays etc.

Win Conditions:

1) Primordial Hydra - Cast Primordial Hydra, (earliest is 3 mana) and the idea is protect it until you have trample. Anything 10/10 is scary, a 10/10 with trample that is doubling every turn is super scary. Protect it using Alpha Authority or Asceticism. Vines of Vastwood in the sideboard is effective too.

2) Garruk, Caller of Beasts - Cast Garruk, Caller of Beasts, ideally with Doubling Season on the field, starting him at 8 loyalty counters, and instantly use his -7 if card:Hydra Broodmother is in the deck and -3 if it is in your hand. Either way, use this as a cheap way to get card:Hydra Broodmother on the field, and use your piles of mana to make it Monstrous and beat down with lots of big hydra tokens. This also works with Worldspine Wurm in the sideboard.

3) Kalonian Hydra - If you can hard cast Kalonian Hydra (or use Garruk, Caller of Beasts to put it on the battlefield), it comes on the field with +4/+4. After 1 attack, or if Doubling Season is on the field, or if you play Solidarity of Heroes, this becomes +8/+8, which is already getting pretty scary. It starts with trample, so just attack away using the trample damage. 2 or 3 should be plenty to finish the job. Much like the first condition, protect it using Alpha Authority or Asceticism.


Win Rate: -

Average Win Turn: -


(Will be filled in following playtesting)

Strengths / Weaknesses:

(Will be filled in following playtesting)


This cost me 400 GBP ($540) somehow (predominantly not the foil versions and includes the sideboard), which feels pretty scary now I've actually added that up. I am based in the UK so boguht my cards from a mixture of Magic Madhouse, LiliannaMarket, eBay and Arcane Cards.

To bring it down to 280 GBP ($377): Replace 2x Cavern of Souls with 2x Forest.

To bring it down to 160 GBP ($215): Replace 2x Asceticism with 2x Vines of Vastwood or similiar, and replace 3x Doubling Season with 3x Hardened Scales

Alternative Cards:

(Coming soon!)


Changed 4x Khalni Hydra for 4x Kalonian Hydra

Changed 4x Dryad Arbor for 4x Forest

Changed 3x Alpha Authority for 3x Asceticism

Removed 3x Bioshift and used the extra cards to increase back to 4 Garruk, Caller of Beasts, Asceticism, Doubling Season

Changed 2x Asceticism for 2x Alpha Authority

Changed 2x Garruk, Caller of Beasts for 2x Garruk Wildspeaker

Changed 4x Llanowar Elves for 4x Arbor Elf

Changed 4x Gyre Sage for 4x Utopia Sprawl

Changed 4x Reverent Hunter for 3x Managorger Hydra and 1x Llanowar Elves

Changed 1x Kalonian Hydra for 1x Llanowar Elves

Changed 2x Llanowar Elves for 2x Birds of Paradise

Changed 1x Doubling Season for 1x Beast Within

Changed 1x Worldspine Wurm for 1x Hydra Broodmaster

Added Sideboard from Suggestions and some cards I removed.

Changed 2x Forest for 2x Cavern of Souls


(Questions asked or answered about the deck I'll put here so it's easier to find for reference)


My thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for this deck, especially the people who helped craft it from the initial idea into the deck I ultimately purchased from their suggestions: 12rreber, EnederKvothe, Deruvid, aswordforthefallen, Iron_eye2, itachi45, The7thBobba, SillyRabbits, KylerStar, Hexaflexagon and Jimmy_Chinchila. Please go check out their profiles and decks and read their comments for insight if you're interested in developing your own similiar deck.


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