"Rule #1 Don't talk about Hydra Fight Club

Hydra tribal duh

I'm not gonna talk about every card just the ones I think are worth talking about. Also Doubling Season makes everything better. The mention of Doubling Season will be kept in check.

Kalonian Hydra : maybe one of the strongest hydra in the deck.

Lifeblood Hydra : card draw and lifegain on a hydra, seems good.

Mistcutter Hydra : the haste on this makes it brutal. The cant be countered and pro blue make it a nightmare for blue players.

Polukranos, World Eater : a 5/5 for 4 mana or just with the cmdr out. But it's the Monstrous that good here. A board wipe creature.

Primordial Hydra : I think this will end the game if not delt with quickly.

Ulvenwald Hydra : it's like a toolbox hydra for this deck as it can grab any of the specific non basic lands that I need giving the situation.

Vigor : definitely the best card in the deck for the fight ability on the cmdr.

Trying to keep and ramp at a low 2 cmc for speed

Need some big ramp too

Other sources of filling up your hand

let's talk about hydra fight club

The following cards trigger the cmdr to fight. Some once, some more than once

  • Increasing Savagery , 5 counters for 4 cmc is good economy. It having flashback is sweet, getting to target again but the added bonus of 10 counters! Holy shit!
  • Monstrous Onslaught , it's kinda like making Polukranos, World Eater Monstrous but better. Not only do you get to deal damage all over the place but you can target your own creatures with this spell for 1 damage each causing it to trigger your cmdr to fight multiple times. Fucking sweet!
  • Whip Silk , quite possibly the best fight removal in the whole deck. Getting to do this over and over again, turn after turn making sure nothing lives it brutal.
  • Setessan Tactics this is basically a instant speed board wipe. Also note that it can be used politically because you and a friend can team up against someone getting out of control.
  • Solidarity of Heroes , multiple fight triggers and double the counters. Nice!

The rest of the cards that trigger the cmdr to fight

Your opponents are getting to confident, time to take them out!

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