Trying to put together a deck that's based on Simic Ascendancy and Hydras. This is a more of a casual fun deck between friends.

Simic Ascendancy - This is the alt wincon though the deck was designed around this particular card. In a hydra deck, this is absolutely perfect as I will constantly be summoning hydras that come with counters on it. It also has an interaction with Bioshift and Solidarity of Heroes , for every counter doubled of shifted, it places counters on the enchantment.

Solidarity of Heroes - This is potentially a very strong combo with Simic Ascendancy as I checked MTG judge chat to see if the interaction works. When you double counters on creatures, it seem to add counters on the enchantment as well.

Bioshift - Use this to shift counters on a dying hydra to another one, which also triggers the wincon of Simic Ascendancy .

Force Away - Use to bounce threats or bounce your own creatures if they're targeted for removal, only to return stronger the following turn.

Slip Through Space - Main used as a draw engine, but doubles as the ability to pierce through defenses and put some pressure on the opponent.

Momentous Fall - This card is bananas in this deck. If you ever fall behind, you can recover with new set of hand and pick up some life points too. It's a no brainer in a hydra deck.

Take Inventory - Efficient draw engine that gets more effective as time passes.


Endless One - It's very hydra like and its even super efficient because it costs 1 less than the normal hydra. I see it as early game threat but equally as a late game threat. I can use it to block if I get overwhelmed by a bigger creature later in the game but then Force Away it back into my head only to return far stronger.

Managorger Hydra - I see it as a midgame hydra which can discourage 2/2's or 3/3's from attacking. It gets progressively stronger as I cast spells.

mistcutter - I see this as an early to midgame attacker, Slip Through Space to put some damage on the board and draw a card.

Hungering Hydra - Offensive midrange Hydra whom will attack often due to Menace like effect. It also can get stronger if it blocks weenies.

Polukranos, World Eater - Efficient 5/5 with a removal effect. Can't see anything wrong with it.

Primordial Hydra - Late game threat that can be summoned very early as an early blocker and interacts with Simic Ascendancy to stack counters.

Zegana, Utopian Speaker - Cost 4 draw engine and enables all of the hydras to be aggressive with Trample.


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