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My attempt to hybridize standard and hardened scales affinity.

One of the flaws of hardened scales is it's early game, and inability to win by turn 3 unless a lot of combo pieces come together.

Some of the goals of the hybrid deck: Keep the 0 drop creatures from Affinity. Keep Cranial Plating. Keep something close to Affinity lands and springleaf drums for consistent colored mana and a better sideboard.

In both decks Steel Overseer is a questionable card in my opinion. It obviously allows you to win if it survives for even a turn, but the 1 toughness feels bad in so many match-ups.

This tech is a specific attempt to find an affinity deck that can go midrange, but has the ammo to go fast against decks like tron and humans.

As with both decks, your first line of play is Infect in the form of Inkmoth Nexus. With a hyrbrid strategy, both arcbound and hardened scales or cranial plating are good, fast solutions for this.

If not, the deck can revolve around and move into a typical hardened scales mid-range approach, involving getting a big ballista or hangarback.

Because we're cutting out some of the +1/+1 strategy, running Animation Module doesn't make much sense.

Hoping to get some feedback on this deck, let me know what you think.

EDIT 1: Sept 30 2018 - After more testing, I found that the deck needs some more resiliency for longer matches. 2x Memnite are now 2x Welding Jar. 2x Springleaf are now 2x Steel Overseer. 1x Glimmervoid is now 1x Pendelhaven.

  • The memnites were duds in almost all matchups, would rather have had regen for Hangarback at certain points. Springleaf is a questionable card overall, but makes our non-green mana more consistent. 2 of is fine, likely will be cut later. Glimmervoid is unncessary with all the other mana fixing. Pendlehaven is a green source and pumps the infect strategy, and occasionally saves a steel overseer.


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