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HvZ Alpha Zombie




The Alpha Zombie deck for the Human vs Zombies Gametype.

Rules (v 1.4):

Player decide who will be the initial zombie and then set up as follows. The initial zombie plays with HvZ Alpha Zombie and all the humans play with HvZ Human. Humans chose a number between one and ten as their starting life. The alpha zombie gets life equal to the total amount all humans (for example if there are three humans and they choose seven then the alpha zombie starts with 21). The alpha always goes first and has a draws on turn one. Play continues as normal until humans either kill the Alpha or the Alpha kills one of them.

In the event of a human death the human player gets a HvZ Zombie deck and begins playing with it instead. Turn order does not change. When a human dies a few things are triggered. First, the alpha zombie gains 10 life or draws 2 cards. Second the remaining humans draw two cards and get a choice: either gain 5 life or shuffle your graveyard into your library. The new zombie begins with 5 life and the alpha may "donate" any amount of life to the new zombie. Non-alpha zombies get to draw a card or gain 2 life in the event of a human death.

In the event of the Alpha dying any remaining zombies lose 5 life and discard a card. They may continue to play however.

Turn order: this game is played one at a time, each player plays individually.

Blocking: humans may block for each other, zombies may block for the alpha and the alpha may block for them but a zombie cannot block for another zombie.

Last man standing rules. As the second to last human dies the remaining human gains 5 life for each zombie (including the alpha) in play and draws 2 cards. The last man standing also gets a Honor of the Pure put into play under his control for no cost.

Winning Conditions: if there are no remaining zombies, the humans win, if all humans die then the zombies/alpha wins.

Suggestions on rules and decks welcome. Any play-testing would be greatly appreciated.


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