Feed them love, then feed them hate, then feed them cards and watch them pop! Who doesn't love a bit of synergy and efficiency at the expense of your opponent, after all we are giving them gifts so they should be happy too.

If you wish to leave suggestions below please suggest which cards I should replace them for, and if you like the deck feel free to +1 Upvote and Follow for future content additions.

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Quite simply put we dropped our 3x Hunted Troll for 3x Phyrexian Metamorph. With this we can copy not only our opponents best creatures or useful artifacts but our own. This change hurts our reliability as we not only have 7 major sources of force-feeding. I believe that this change is worth trying out given the usefulness and versatility of the card which should allow us to more quickly pressure our opponent while seeing a nice bit of recursion via Academy Ruins.

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Faradin says... #1

I've been playing this deck for the past week on xmage, and after hitting the learning curve and listening from mistakes, I think it's incredibly well positioned in the modern meta right now. The fact that you can't just surgical one part of the combo makes it incredibly resilient, and the ability to surprise your opponent with a life swing of8+ cannot be more important. The survivability is off the charts, as every drain we do gives us an extra torn to keep chipping. I love this deck, and thank you for thinking on the concept. I'm going to keep refining and give suggestions as I keep testing.So far only change I've done is a gruul charm + and a dagger -. A lot of games the dagger didn't do much other than make 2 plants don't die unless I got 2 illness on the field. I found I wanted more -1/-1 most of the time... As well as fantastic enchantment hate. Blood moon, sanctity, phyrexian unlife. Can't stress the effectiveness of those circumstances enough.Also, -2 overgrown tombs for +2 whatever the blue black dual is. I kept finding myself wanting a second blue, but either not having groves or just having one blue and waiting on the second. This makes blue available from the fetch, which I'm surprised wasn't included already.I think this deck could be more frivolous with its life - especially for card draw, as decks that took apart my hand seemed to be the hardest matches.Anyways, continue the good work - I'll be coming back here often.

November 17, 2017 9 a.m.

ArchFline says... #2

@Faradin I'm happy that you like the deck. I will see about taking some of your recommendations to heart. To deal with hand disruption better I have added Leyline of Sanctity to the sideboard. As we do run both Forbidden Orchard and the flip from our daggers we should be able to support the leyline.

November 18, 2017 10:12 a.m.

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