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Deck has been going through some reconstruction, so bear with me. I am creating this deck using cards I have, and intend to use this deck this FNM.

Winstrat 1 - Get Skirsdag High Priest out along with at least 2 creatures (1 being undying). Sacrifice the undying creature, or kill an opponent's creature. Tap 3 of my creatures, bring out a 5/5 Demon with flying.

Winstrat 2 - Get an undying 1/1 creature out, and then beef it up by sacrificing it (Making it a 2/2) and then pumping it up with Hunger of the Howlpack .

Kill cards: Altar's Reap, Bone Splinters, Prey Upon, Tragic Slip. At the moment I am using Prey Upon because the Bone Splinters I ordered are not from Avacyn Restored. :(

Thoughts/opinions are welcome!


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Took out Gravecrawler and Geralf's Messenger since my Gravecrawlers did not get sent with my singles order. So it's back to Typhoid Rats and Strangleroot Geist.

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