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Basic Idea is to get your 3's out on turn 3, or to ramp up Champion of the Parish depending on what you ended up with on turn 1. Fiend Hunter and Selesnya Charm provide you with needed removal while Boros Charm and Common Bond provide you with a couple of nice combat tricks along with Selesnya Charm, with Boros Charm doubling up as protection as well.

Assemble the Legion provides you stall power and exalted power through bodies and if allowed to stay out can overwhelm so quickly.

Truefire Paladin is to gives a nice target for swinging with exalted (can give first strike or pump even more past exalted), while you also have Champion of the Parish to double as a nice exalt swinger (Whichever one is working for you hopefully paired with Silverblade Paladin for a huge wrecking ball).

Skyknight Legionnaire is a decent back up double strike target early, providing an evasive double striker that can be buffed up with Common Bond . Weakest link of the deck and I am looking for a better 2 or 3 drop to replace it.

Faith's Shield is in as a secondary protection as protecting your double strike and exalt swinger are primary to the success of the deck.

Unflinching Courage is also one of the weaker links despite being a great card, it does buff your exalt swinger, or can make it harder to burn it down early in the mid game, and can create a large life swing late in the game.

A lot of the time it is best to wait to play a card until you can provide protection for it if it is important, such as Sublime Archangel or your exalt swinger. Champion of the Parish helps with this early (as the better exalt swinger imo is actually Truefire Paladin ) by forcing them to waste a removal spell early on it or it will get big.

Boros Charm should almost always be used for the protection aspect, though late game it can work as a finisher or a combat trick if you to protect a blocker.

The sideboard is mainly focused around providing you a bit more in terms of stall against some faster decks, until you can get out and protect your Sublime Archangel and Truefire Paladin .

Magmaquake replaces 2-3 Fiend Hunter against decks building a lot of weaker bodied swarm (Selesnya centaur tokens, Boros, etc).

Oblivion Ring Replaces 2-3 Fiend Hunter against decks where you need to remove something other than a creature, or can replace Skynight Legionnaire instead

Loxodon Smiter is included despite not being human so not pumping up Champion of the Parish against decks that rely on countering or forcing discards, allowing you to get an exalt swinger out. Replaces Skyknight Legionnaire when it comes in.

Firemane Avenger Can replace Sublime Archangel when you feel like you are going to end up needing to swarm while killing creatures rather than have one big swinger.

Sigarda, Host of Herons replaces Sublime Archangel or 2 Skyknight Legionnaire when the opponent uses something that can force you to sacrifice big creatures.

I am mostly looking for feedback on ways to make this better, things that can shut this down that I missed, possibly better sideboard options that are not terribly expensive or better creature options that fit the idea of protecting up until you get that big exalt swinger bashing away with buffs (double strike, life link, trample, vigilance together all possible on Truefire Paladin !!.)

Lastly help on lands and mana curve as that is something I am not the best at.


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