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Hulk & Loki (Hulki? Lulk?)

Commander / EDH* UR (Izzet)


I dunno. I've been wanting to make these two for a bit so I did. It's by no means competitive, I think, but it will be pretty fun to try my best to just stomp someone each turn with Okaun. Spells to give him shroud/hexproof for a turn in case someone tries to zap him, bounce to get an annoying threat off the board or return Okaun to my hand if need be with counter support to try to keep things going.

Assault vest is a fun ploy, let everyone borrow Okaun for a turn and try to smack someone (other than me). Zndrsplt can hop in if I need a turn to draw some cards to keep momentum though otherwise acts as color identity, or a tutor if Okaun gets put into the deck somehow.

Wanted to make this on a budget, got some coin flip fun, though Okaun only needs 3 flips to axe a player off if he gets through. Still got to find a few more ways to grant Trample so Okaun doesn't fear being chumped.


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