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The gist of it

The idea here is to play as much creatures as possible begore Huatli, Radiant Champion comes down and make her [ +1 ] as huge as possible, so that we can use her [ -8 ] the next turn. Once we get that Emblem, Eerie Interlude serves a double purpose to protect our enourmous boardstate, while refilling our hand with all the creatures re-entering the battlefield.

Ideal Setup

Turn 1: Land-> mana dork Turn 2: Land-> any 3 of our 1-drops Turn 3: Land-> lay Huatli and use [ +1 ], adding a total of 5 Loyalty counters to Huatli. Turn 4: Ult Huatli, and proceed to vomit your horde of tiny, mana efficient creatures onto the field.

Extra ideal setup

Turn 0: Have Burgeoning and 3 lands in opening hand. Turn 1: Land->Burgeoning Turn 2_: play entire hand and laugh at your enemy's inferior boardstates.

That's it, the format's solved have fun

P.S.:Burgeoning serves a good purpose lategame in getting rid of all the land that will inevitably fill your hand.

P.P.S.: Huatli, Radiant Champion 's [ -1 ] can not only just straight kill players when used a couple times on a creature with evasion (or just use Overwhelming Stampede afterward to stampede them overwhelmingly), but it also turns Devoted Druid into a mana powerhouse for 1 turn. Slap an X spell or soemthing on that big boi!


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