This deck uses Howltooth Hollow with the mechanic called Hideaway to get the big boys in. The idea is to exile a big creature card and then bring him back in with the land for one mana. Focuses on a bit of card advantage with Street Wraith and land tutoring with Expedition Map. The caveat with this particular hideaway effect is that each player has to have no cards in their hand to activate it. To navigate this, I have a bit of discard and Mindslicer which discards both players' hands. I have some removal for both my opponents creatures and the Mindslicer if it comes to that.

It can take a little bit to boot up but is relatively consistent and not terribly slow. There are a lot of aspects and "hoops" to jump through so any suggestions to make it more consistent would be appreciated. Or just any thoughts or suggestions in general. Thanks and God bless.


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