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Sorrow's Path was rated at 4# of the 100 Worst Magic Cards of All Time in Ben Bleiweiss' article. So it was my intention to make the best use out of it - and voila.

  • You tutor Sorrow's Path with Expedition Map.
  • Then, you use Political Trickery to exchange your Sorrow's Path with more valuable lands of your opponent.
  • Play the underrated Psychic Venom on opponents lands.
  • Use Walking Atlas to speed up your game, cuz once you cast Sorrow, you can't cast a further Land on your turn.
  • War's Toll is the Engine behind this deck and makes it more consistent.
  • To deal with War's Tolls second ability, you use Smoke and slow down the Game.
  • Twitch and Icy Manipulator are your „stop-hitting-yourself-spells“ against ramp and affinity decks that can avoid tapping lands. Furthermore, those are very important because they give you the power of decision, when exactly to tap one and therewith all of your opponents lands. Why not Twiddle? - Because Twitch lets you draw a card which is gold worth in the mid game.
  • Finally, in the best case you will have established a lockdown. In such a case, all of your opponents lands will be tapped automatically, whenever he or she tapps even one land for Mana. The result is an effect of Pyroclasm on each turn that affects your opponent as well as their creatures.

I hope you like this old school shit :)


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I played this deck last Friday against an Izzet Burn casual deck. At first, the player dominated the game. But until the midgame I donated him three Sorrow's Path s. The result was: he didn't want to play spells anymore, because of War's Toll in combination with Sorrow's Path. I had two Twitch spells in my hand; cast them on his turn and he and his creatures took 6 damage. His creatures went to the graveyard and he had 12 lifepoints. In the next few turns I have beaten him with Icy Manipulator .


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