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Standard* Burn Control U/R (Izzet)

Extasii Score: 3


So, just started getting back into MTG less than 3 months ago. About to attend my first Standard FNM. Gotta go Izzet, and I'm looking for a lil bit of feedback to improve my deck before then!

Also, first time using TappedOut, hope I do this right >_<'


LordCrimson says... #1

I would definitely replace the Weirds/Elementals with Guttersnipe . Melek is cool, but not the best. I would probably take them out, and put in another Niv-Mizzet, and another Electromancer. As for Instants/Sorceries, Gitaxian Probe and Vapor Snag I think are standard, and would be good in the place of Aetherize, Mizzium skin, rewind, and Flames of the Firebrand.

May 6, 2013 2:05 a.m.

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1 missing from calculation

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