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How To Put 12 Power Into Play Turn 1 For CHEAP!

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Are you tired of playing competitive decks that are often just the same deck remade and replayed over and over again? Do you love glass-cannon decks that fold to almost any and all disruption, but win games when they work? Then you'll LOVE this deck!

Salvage Titan Affinity is based off one card, and one card only, Salvage Titan, and our entire deck is geared towards getting those cards into play. The strategy behind this deck is simple, play your entire hand turn 1 (besides salvage titans) then sacrifice the number of artifacts needed to put 1 (or 2 if were on the draw) of them into play on turn 1. Unlike your typical combo deck however, this deck doesn't really need to worry about being countered, since everything is free anyway, and if our titan does die, it's highly likely we will be able to cast it again.

I really see no reason to put a sideboard into this deck besides something like Serum Powder to ensure that we get our titans in our hand, because without it, we are basically the worst affinity deck ever made.

If you enjoy this deck, feel free to give it an upvote or a comment, as I always appreciate constructive feedback on my decks.

If you want more builds and brews, check out my profile @ Sargeras


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