It all started on a joke. I was teaching my cousin to play commander, and after explaining the colors, he said he should build an American deck(RWB). I looked at EDHREC for some Jeskai commanders, and I saw Narset. As soon as I saw her I realized how absolutely broken she can be.

You should play if:

  • You like taking very long turns.
  • You don't like using creatures.
  • You love absolutely abusing your commander
  • You don't like any of your friends.

You should not play if:

  • You like simple and short turns.
  • You like creature heavy / aggro decks.
  • You want people to play with.
  • You don't want your entire plan to rely on chance.
Narset's ability allows her to exile the top three cards of your library whenever you attack. You can then play any non-creatures exiled this way without paying their mana cost. Simply put, you can play cards for free. This deck has no creatures, to minimize the amount of cards we have to exile each combat.
The absolutely best synergy in this deck is Proteus Staff . Since Narset is the only card in our entire deck, we out her at the bottom, reveal cards until we reach her, and then put those cards back in ANY order. Which basically means we get to rearrange the deck in any order we want, setting ourselves up for a lot of extra turns, and I mean a LOT. Probably followed by a lot of extra combats too.
Winning with Narset involves absolutely abusing her ability. I put as many extra turn and extra combat cards as I could afford into there. I wanted to maximize the chance of exiling one of those cards each combat. If I exile an extra turn or combat card, I play it for free, and then I get another combat phase(or a whole extra turn, but only the combat is important). Now, in a multiplayer game, winning with commander damage is almost impossible. I'd simply mill myself out before that. So my simple solution was Jace, Wielder of Mysteries . Its basically the planeswalker version of Laboratory Maniac , since we can't run creatures.


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