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How could you be so Heartless? (Competitive)

Modern Aggro Budget BUG (Sultai) Combo Competitive Infinite Combo



A new, original competitive combo deck for a player on a budget.


it is the goal of this deck to provide any magic players on a budget, or simply anyone who doesn't want to spend $2,000 on 75 magic cards with a way to compete with other competitive decks. Most of the cards are less than $1 and many of the cards could be replaced to reduce the cost (like sideboard Abrupt Decay )

in this deck it is vital that you get the correct mana from an early point and throughout the game. this matters because slower lands cane be the difference between winning on turn 3 or turn 4. if you can get that green on turn 1 it will allow you to cast Obscuring AEther which can help you get zero mana morphs. since this is a combo deck with the ability to win on turn 3 you would have to be playing agains a really aggressive deck for your life total to matter in most cases. I decided to mainly go with Painlands because you can use them for colorless mana to morph creatures, they come in untapped and ready to give you the mana of your choosing and most importantly: are inexpensive. in this deck I have four copies of each painland in my colors. in addition I run Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth because it allows your painlands to tap for black instead of colorless. I run 20 lands because in this deck if you get a starting hand with 2 lands you tend to draw a lot of cards and so you will still probably never miss a land drop.
Verdurous Gearhulk : Verdurous Gearhulk is here for three reasons: 1. Should you not draw heartless summoning it is good on it's own. 2. If you do draw heartless summoning it is a 3 mana 7/7 trample. (Really scary) 3. once you have heartless summoning out you can cast it for 3 maybe get in a hit maybe not. It will get removed. Then, since it is an artifact you can return it with a Myr Retriever . Verdurous Gearhulk + Heartless Summoning is a very aggressive combo that can win you the game against control or save your life against aggro.

Grim Haruspex : Grim Haruspex is essential to this deck. Virtually all of the creatures in this deck combo in most satisfying ways with this card. Aside from Heartless Summoning the cards in this deck have been picked to have the best possible effect with Grim Haruspex . the most notable of combo's with Grim Haruspex is the Grim Haruspex + Mulldrifter + Heartless Summoning . Mulldrifter + Heartless Summoning is already insanely good. it's either a 1 mana draw 2 cards or a 3 mana draw 2 cards and get a 1/1 flying although you will almost always use it as a 1 mana draw 2. If you have Grim Haruspex which is already a 1 mana 2/1 with Heartless Summoning you can turn Mulldrifter into Ancestral Recall . another combo to use with Grim Haruspex is: Grim Haruspex + Heartless Summoning + Ruthless Ripper + Obscuring AEther . This combo is effectively a 0 mana deal 2 damage draw a card. Yet another combo with Grim Haruspex is with Myr Retriever . if you get a Heartless Summoning , 2 Myr Retriever s and a Grim Haruspex you literally draw your entire deck and use Falkenrath Noble to win.

Mulldrifter : This card is one of our best combo's with Heartless Summoning . it functions as a 1 mana draw 2. It also triggers creature dying effects because it is sacrificed. Mulldrifter is great in combination with Grim Haruspex and Falkenrath Noble . Mulldrifter is one of the main reasons this deck is able to be successful.

Myr Superion : this card is the most common Heartless Summoning combo. it is a 0 mana 4/5! Myr Superion is both a win condition and protection against aggro because it is hard to kill you can play it early and it can be returned to play with Myr Retriever .

Den Protector : Den Protector has some very interesting uses in this deck and is one of the reasons I chose to put morph in this deck instead of just lots of evoke. this deck uses Den Protector better than any other deck I know. you can play it as a 0 mana 1/1 on turn 2 using Obscuring AEther and Heartless Summoning . once it is in play you can use it basically as a better Regrowth / Eternal Witness . this is vital to the deck because it allows you to bring back anything from a Mulldrifter to a Slithermuse to a Verdurous Gearhulk . In addition if you don't start with Heartless Summoning you can cast it as a low mana creature to keep you alive.

Falkenrath Noble : this card is important because it is usually how we win. the good old Myr Retriever + Myr Retriever + Falkenrath Noble + Heartless Summoning combo will win you the game because you can constantly play a Myr Retriever , return a Myr Retriever to your hand, play it and so on. whenever a creature dies your opponent takes one damage so you deal damage to them and you gain life.

Myr Retriever : this card is just part of a fun little combo I thought of. you play Heartless Summoning and suddenly Myr Retriever is 0 mana return an artifact from your graveyard to your hand and also triggers creature dying effects. play a second one and you have an infinite loop of creatures entering the battlefield and then dying. this is where Falkenrath Noble kicks in. you can use this combo to win on turn three so that's pretty good. I could have added Altar of the Brood and made it possible to win on turn two instead but I like Falkenrath Noble because it is useful on it's own and if you have Grim Haruspex in play you can't win with unless you have Laboratory Maniac in play. I am still play testing so the list might change and I mist add Altar of the Brood but right now i'd rather have consistency than the tiny possibility of winning on turn 2.

Slithermuse : Slithermuse is the reason I added so many morphs and Obscuring AEther . on turn 2 if you played an Obscuring AEther and a Heartless Summoning you can cast all of your morph cards as 0 mana 1/1's. now that is pretty nice on turn two but wait for this next part. Your opponent likely has most of their cards in their hand and if you had only morphs and a Slithermuse in your hand you can cast Slithermuse evoked and refill your hand for 2 mana leaving you far ahead of your opponent with a better hand and a better board state on turn 2. This also lets you search for more combo pieces and there might be a Myr Superion in that new hand. whenever playing against aggro I suggest replacing Slithermuse with Fog or Dragon's Eye Savants .

Ruthless Ripper :Finally, Ruthless Ripper is great if you get all of your combo pieces. With Heartless Summoning , Grim Haruspex , and Obscuring AEther it is a zero mana draw a card, deal 2 damage to target opponent. just replace it with a new card and hit your opponent for a few points. However, the main reason Ruthless Ripper is in here is if you don't have heartless summoning then it is just a 1 mana 1/1 with death touch. it can keep you alive until you get that combo!

Heartless Summoning : The deck is centered around this card. every creature in the deck is benefited by Heartless Summoning . the two mechanics use to abuse Heartless Summoning are Evoke and Morph. Lets start with evoke. Heartless Summoning transforms Mulldrifter
into a one mana draw two and Slithermuse into potentially a two mana draw seven (although that will rarely happen). there are other Evoke cards out there that would be good but these two are the best for this deck. The other ability that I think is cool with Heartless Summoning is Morph. With Heartless Summoning in play all of your creatures with morph can be cast as 1 mana 1/1's this can be useful as your opponent can't tell which moro is which and it helps empty your hand for Slithermuse not to mention some of the creatures have useful abilities when they are turned face up.

Myr Retriever : this is the card that wins games. all you need is two of them and a Heartless Summoning and you have an infinite loop.

Falkenrath Noble : once you have a loop with x2 Myr Retriever all you need is a Falkenrath Noble and you win.

Grim Haruspex : if you have a Grim Haruspex and a Myr Retriever loop then you can draw as many cards as you want. Among these cards you have four Myr Superion s , and three Falkenrath Noble s if you play the Falkenrath Noble and your opponent doesn't have an answer then you win.

Mulldrifter : a one mana draw 2 with Heartless Summoning . the best draw spell in the deck.

Slithermuse : in a hand with a lot of morphs or against control Slithermuse can become an amazing draw spell drawing you four or five cards for 2 mana giving you a HUGE advantage.

Muddle the Mixture : Muddle the Mixture is decent against control or burn but it's real power lies with the Transmute. it's a bit slow but still, if you get Heartless Summoning and your still alive then you pretty much win if your opponent can't destroy it.

Grim Haruspex : this card can not only draw your entire deck if you get the right cards but it draws you an extra card every time you use an evoke card and is a 2/1 body for just 1.

Abrupt Decay : Abrupt Decay is just a versatile card. you can use it to kill a blood moon, any low cost creature or anything that is harming you and it can't be countered.

Shred Memory : this card is useful against dredge and other graveyard decks like reanimator but it is also a tutor for Heartless Summoning or any of the other two mana cards in the deck ( there are a lot)

Ainok Survivalist : this card helps deal with artifacts and enchantments opponents have that are inconveniencing you and is at the same time a decent creature that can be played early game and can help you empty your hand for a Slithermuse one you have a Heartless Summoning .

Dragon's Eye Savants : this card is very useful against any sort of aggro. Aggro and infect are this decks worst match ups and this card is important.

Fog : Fog is great against any deck that tries to kill you fast with creatures like Kiln Fiend or Glistener Elf . Against aggro it is a good Idea to take out all Slithermuse es and add three Fog s

Shriekmaw : Shriekmaw is basically a better Nekrataal and is used to kill any problematic creatures.


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