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How About We All Die Slowly? (Havoc Festival.dec)

Commander / EDH Aggro BR (Rakdos) Competitive Control Multiplayer



I felt that "universal punishment" was the best way to build a Rakdos EDH deck. Welcome to stupidity at it's finest.

This deck was inspired by the card Havoc Festival. I love how absolute this card is, and how evil it is in commander. I built this deck in a way that ensures that everyone dies eventually, and that I "die" last.

Please give each card a good look over. The whole deck is very synergistic, and each card has a lot of meaning to the deck. I want to keep this deck below the 200 dollar mark, and am actually quite content with how the deck functions with budget options. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments, but please let me know what to take out for them. Any and all upvotes are appreciated as well. Thanks in advanced for checking out my deck!!


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