Pinger tribal! Pretty straightforward strategy: Live by the pinger, die by the pinger. Pew! Pew! Pew!

Actually, I've been looking at other pinger lists, and I think they tend to neglect a whole class of pingers: pingers that damage each opponent. It might seem small -- and the fact that they can't ping creatures may seem like a big drawback -- but these pingers are just as essential as the classic "any target" Tims.

Take Zhur-Taa Druid , aka Alice Cooper, for example. If you enchant him with Keen Sense or Snake Umbra , one ping draws you 3 cards in a 4-player game! And if you are able to untap him each turn (I have 4-ish ways in the deck, plus Vitalize , a single-use instant), you can do 4 damage to each opponent each turn cycle. If he is also enchanted with Keen Sense or Snake Umbra , you can draw 12 cards!! Now, imagine that you also have a damage-doubler in play. That's 8 damage to each opponent!!! And this deck has 4 ways to double damage, plus Insult / Injury , a single-use sorcery. This deck can do crazy amounts of damage out of nowhere just from its Alice Cooper pingers.

Trust me on this. I'm confident this deck can run away with games. Sure, there are fewer cute effects like stealing your opponents' creatures or bouncing them or single-target tapping and untapping. But for my money, the Alice Coopers are well worth the trade-off. At the very least, if you are looking to make a Tim deck, throw a few Alice Coopers in and see what you think. Or give this list a try: It's not-quite budget but still pretty cheap.

If you have any thoughts on my Alice Cooper thesis, let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading. Suggestions welcome!


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