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Modern Combo Spirits W/U (Azorius)


UPDATE: EDM Thank you! You have provided me with the cards to take this janky mess and make it amazing! Spell Queller and Selfless Spirit is exactly what I needed!
Out: 4x Sundial of the Infinite, 4x Otherworldly Journey, 2x Ideas Unbound , 3x Topplegeist, 2x Sovereigns of Lost Alara
IN: Solid spirits with utility! It's still has the janky combo of cheating out a Eldrazi Conscription so my inner Johnny isn't sad. It's SO much more reliable now. If 'Jank at all costs' is your thing please reference Traft on Traft: Janky Sundial Version

Best combo:
T1: Mausoleum Wanderer
T2: Arcanum Wings Opponent says, "wait he already has flying!"
T3: Eldrazi Conscription "oh..."

Tallowisp enables the combo when you dont have the god hand.


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