This deck is so white, I gotta wear shades

Mono- Devotion build-around-me featuring Evangel of Heliod , a fairly useless card in any other format but it shines brightly here in PDH land.... Cast lots of cards and throw in a bunch of annoying white control...cast commander...puke out dozens of soldiers! And then abuse the ETB with Cloudshift and the like... for dozens more!...and seriously, when will I ever get a chance to use a silly, over-costed fear like Seeker ?
So far, the deck has 29 Double permanents(for a total of 89 mana symbols!) and Im looking to add more. Did I miss any? In the first few games with this deck the commander has created an average of 8-12 soldiers on first casting. I have cast the commander an average of 2-3 times per game. It's usally GG by the time I have 12+ soldiers out.

PDH: Uncommon commander+99 commons...EDH on a budget. Challenging and fun builds. Kinda like singleton-100 card pauper.
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