Devoid UR midrange. NOW turned more aggro. NOW FEATURING FLINGING VEHICLES!

Goal is to populate colorless Eldrazi creatures, reducing costs with Herald of Kozilek and swinging with a trampling Vile Aggregate ideally equipped with Stoneforge Masterwork. Use Blinding Drone (sideboard), and Adverse Conditions to tap down blockers or use Eldrazi Obligator (sideboard) to turn them against their master or use Incendiary Flow to take them out. In the late game, sac Herald to Elder Deep-Fiends emerge cost and tap down opponent's creatures and/or lands and swing. Then sac the Viles, etc. to the Barrage Tyrant for a kill shot.

Now featuring Saheeli Rai, Snare Thopter , and vehicles from Kaladesh for more colorless creature love and plenty of flinging! Rai helps cycle through the top of the deck and more importantly allows one to copy an artifact (vehicle, thopter, equipment) or creature (Viles, etc.) and attack with haste (while increasing our colorless creature count). If a tyrant is in play, sac the copy for lethal damage. See Ya


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Have adjusted some of the fridge players and sideboard cards.

Removed snare thopter. sideboarding ornithopter for flyers.

Testing metallic mimic in main.

A few quantity adjustments.


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