Finally Built!

Here is my take on Yasova. First of all, I must say that I don't know why I have not done a build on her sooner, she is great! I really enjoy the way she controls the battlefield, it is a very different type of control than I am used to seeing. You have artifacts? Why thank you! That's a nice creature, I'll take that.

My struggle with her currently is working on the mana curve. She is a pretty mana hungry commander, so I am constantly swapping out cards to figure it out. I am planning to get a Sword of the Animist, I just haven't decided what to pull for it quite yet.


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So I just made huge changes to my build of Yasova and do not have a complete list. She still wants to steal everyone's stuff, just in a different way than I had her originally built. And there will be more changes in the near future. I will be sure to have all the cards to document the changes next time, this time it was probably a total of 30 or more cards.


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