The plane of Innistrad has never been without fear, horror and desolation. Humanities only hope came from the angelic hosts that stood against that darkness. Lead by Avacyn, Angel of Hope an Archangel created by Sorin Markov to give balance to the plane and the hosts leaders. Bruna, Light of Alabaster, the protector of the spirit and keeper of the holy wards. Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, the leader of the warrior angels and Avacyn's confidant. Finally there was Sigarda, Host of Herons, this host served the living, protecting them against corruption. For centuries, Avacyn gave the people of Innistrad hope. The church prospered under her rule, the fields grew in earnest, the people safe, and for once, the night was no longer dark and full of terrors. All was almost lost however when the Archangel disappeared while battling Griselbrand. After the planeswalker, Liliana forced the soldier, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben into shattering the Helvault, freeing the archdemon, and to the shock of nearly all of Innistrad, Avacyn. A year of peace followed suit. The cursemute was created, the wards renewed and hope was once again restored. However, Innistrad was forever changed when Nahiri, the Harbinger drove Avacyn to madness by corrupting the mana flow of the plane. Avacyn, now a twisted reflection of her former self, began a bloodthirsty inquisition to purify all sin on the plane. Legions of angels, including Bruna and Gisela, turned against humanity under Avacyn's order. Blood soon filled the streets, cities burned to ash and the once beautiful sound of angels wings soon announced death and destruction. Of the angels, only Sigarda and her small host remained an ally to humanity and stood against Avacyn her sisters. This is Sigarda's army.

Hope Against Hope is a 1v1 or small group tribal human deck designed to use the strengths of Sigarda's protection and a unified front to crush the forces of darkness.

*Old Sigarda, New monster smash Bruna/Gisela and all printings of the angel Avacyn have been left out of the deck for the sake of flavor over function.

'Sigarda was the last uncorrupted archangel, but she would not have to fight alone.'


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