Sorry for bad forklaring, only have a smartphone to manage this site with.

Built from scratch by a dude who has no idea what meta is or what grixis or rakdos means.

That being said i hope to make something viable to take on standard meta.

Credit to Argy and Skinken for contributing to the decks development.

The deck's core is based around Devoted Crop-Mate + Glory-Bound Initiate and Metallic Mimic + Radiant Destiny providing +1+1 counters combined with the vigilance from city's blessing synergises with the exert theme. With Angel of Invention put in the mix you will be sitting on cheap, hard hitting creatures you can exert free while also holding the fort when going all in.

Vizier of Deferment has really found it's place in this deck, and can be a game changer, while Ixalan's Binding and Angel of Sanctions provide control, the Vizier is a flexi card both offensive, defensive and pure utility.

Any input is appreciated! All upvotes are as well <3


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