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Honor Valor Glory (BW Knights)

Standard Aggro Knights Tribal W/B (Orzhov)



We fight for Honor Valor and Glory

Will you settle for being a squire or will rise to the challenge and become a knight!?

Magic Christmas Land hand:

Turn 1: Dauntless Bodyguard

Turn 2: Knight of Malice

Turn 3: History of Benalia

Turn 4: Valiant Knight

Turn 5: Activate Valiant Knight's ability for double strike!...GIT SHREKED

As always comments and suggestions are welcome! I will be posting the results from my matches as I play more. Thanks for reading!


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Took the deck to a local Standard Championship. Here's the results:

Match 1: RW Aggro: I love RW aggro and I was very excited to see his deck, but Game 1 he only had 3 lands the whole game and I won it easily, he was really impressed with the Shalai, Voice of Plenty + Dauntless Bodyguard interaction I used. Game 2 he ran much better and we had good turns adding board presence and removing each others stuff keeping pace. We were down to our last few hit points each when he plays a rekindiling phoenix, I see that if I can kill the phoenix I can push the damage through so I sacrificed my Dauntless Bodyguard (even tho it didn't give anything indestructible) to get a Revolt trigger and used my Fatal Push, I won. He claimed that he got mana flooded at the end so that may have been a big factor to help me, but that's the game. 2-0

Match 2: Mono W Control: I was feeling really good about this match up since I played Brad a few games before the tournament started and I beat him every time and I just really like playing against him since he's a strong opponent but he likes to be silly. Game 1 I got totally mana screwed. 2 lands for most of the game and then got 3 lands by the time it was too late, easy Game 1 win for him. Game 2 I had a much better start but again got mana screwed. Had 3 lands most of the game and ended up drawing some 4 or 5 cost cards which ended up being the reason I lost again. Feels bad man, but again, that's the game. 0-2

Apparently we had so many people playing that if you lost even one match then you'd be out of the top 8, which was the next ranking to receive any prizes. I had a concert to get to so I wasn't going to be able to play all day anyways so it was a good day to lose. I would have stayed all day if I could have just to get more games in and learn more. After playing casually with @tony2zmax yesterday I got mana screwed again so I'm thinking I need to add at least one more land to make it more consistent...but that's when I'll probably get flooded and want to take some out lol.

Congrats to @Naj187 for winning the whole thing!!!

I'll update more as I play. Thanks for reading!


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